Shading net

green shading bet pakistan

Shading net

Green and Black Shading net in Pakistan

Buy Green and black Shading net in Pakistan. shading net for agriculture.

Shading net for plants nursery, vegetables growing, agriculture , crops etc. it is now widely used in ginger farming in pakistan.


  • Greenhouse shade cover.
  • Ginger farming and cultivation
  • Use as agricultural application.
  • Shade net for mango plants nursery
  • Shade cover for row tunnels and other shade structures
  • Used to warm soil and to reduce moisture loss through evaporation
  • Protection against hail and wind and weather damage.
  • Livestock and kennel shading
  • Can be used as a wind break
  • Used for recreation such as sport arena shading, ball diamonds, swimming pool covers and tennis court walls
  • Has a huge range of other applications

(1) shading net for plants nursery, green houses and for agriculture purposes. black and green color available with 50 %, 60%, 70% and 80% shading capability. Thailand Imported. lifespan 4 to 5 years in direct sunlight.

Dimensions : 2 meter width. 100 meter length. (200 square meter total area) 14-16kg weight of one roll.
(2150 square feet) in one roll. 60% 70% shade rate.


  • 2*100 meter. 40,000 rupees. per roll

green 50% 60% 70%

green 50% 60% 70%
close view of black 60%

(Dimensions: 4 meter width. 100 meter length. (400 square meter total area). 40kg weight of one roll. (4300 square feet in one roll) 90% shade. Thai imported.

Green Shading Net 90%

Green Shading Net 90%


UV resistant, high density polyethylene offers crop protection for UV and heat sensitive plants.

Knitted shade cloth is stronger and up to 25% lighter than woven shade cloth and also provides better air and water permeability than woven cloth.

Naturally rot and mildew proof.

Unique lock stitch designs reduce heat buildup in the structure and reduces wind speed.

Chemical resistance to a range of possible agricultural chemicals, sprays and detergents.

Lock stitch design allows user to cut and customize the fabric without it unraveling, can also puncture the fabric without the hole getting bigger.

5-7-year life span if stored out of the sun when not in use and 4 years plus when in direct sun.

Perfect for greenhouse covering and many other applications including crop protection, livestock shading, bird netting, fish farming shade, mango plants nursery ,windbreak and privacy screen and much more.

Thai Imported Green Shading Net 50% 60% 70%

Thai Imported Green Shading Net 50% 60% 70%
Black shade net pakistan price

Black shade net role price. Green shade net price. Black jali. green jali. green shade net for shed. black shading net for shade.

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    1. 1> 80 percent thai net 100 meter waley ka role kitney ka hy aor is ki life kitni hy direct sunlight mein?
      2> 70 perrcent thai net 200 ya 100 meter waley ka role kitney ka hy, aor is ki life? Online ka kia process aor charges hein?

    1. we do not have local shading net sir. we have thai imported cloth. and sell full roll. one roll is 2 meter by 100 meter. price 16000 to 18000.

  1. Dear Sir,

    I need green net mesh for green house to cover area of size 60 meters by 100 meters for 3 months in a year. plz quote your best price in unit rate basis.

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